Portable Folding Mini Photography Lightbox for Smartphone DSLR

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Easy to Carry

Micro USB cable included

High-quality PVC, EVA

Magnetic structure, easy for you to assemble

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৳ 1,550.00


Assemble your own photo studio anywhere In minutes, you can unfold this LED light box studio and place it on any surface to get the perfect backdrop for Small articles Business Photography, Taking pictures for Products.

LED lights Provides additional lighting during photography sessions, Micro USB port for Convenient power supply.

How to use:
1. Unfold the Shooting Tent
2. Install the Shooting Tent according to the magnet position
3. Connect the LED with your power supply by micro USB cable
4. Select a backdrop that fits your item
Color: White
Backdrop Size: 48 * 21cm / 18.9″ * 8.3″
Item Size: 22.6 * 23 * 24cm / 8.9″ * 9″ * 9.45″
Package Include:
1 x Lightbox
1 x White Backdrops
1 x Black Backdrops
1 x Micro USB cable


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